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Volunteer for Day-in-the-Park

Are you interested in volunteering for the 2022 Day-in-the-Park? We need over 50 volunteers and you can help…. Click the Purple Button above and sign-up. Volunteers must be at least 12 Years of Age. Ticket Booth Volunteers must be 21 years or older.

Shifts are only 2 hours long and are as follows: 11a-1p, 1p-3p, 3p-5p, 5p-7p & 7p-9p. There are 4 areas you can volunteer for…. The Warrior Dash Obstacle Course, The Alcatraz Mega Obstacle Course, Lava Obstacle Course Run or the Ticket Booth.

Feel free to sign up for multiple shifts. Each shift worked earns a free wristband good for either the 1st Time Block (11a-4p) or 2nd Time Block (4p-9p). Blocks are not the same as shifts!

Bryan Area Chamber of


For more than 70 years the Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce has served our community well. During this time the chamber has actively participated in much of what has happened. Our members have been at the forefront in leadership and business development. The chamber is a voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to make a difference in the community. We take pride in our many accomplishments.

The Chamber is governed by a board consisting of 9 directors and 5 officers. The board meets monthly or as necessary, and is responsible to the membership for the overall program and policy of the Chamber. Committees are established to make recommendations and implement programs.

“The Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting and enhancing the quality of life and economic stability of the community; and supporting planned quality growth and a vision of excellence for Bryan.”  Become one of the Team and become a member by clicking on the following link…


The Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce is always looking for volunteers.  For any of our events, or just a general helper in the office.  Our motto at the Chamber is this… “Before You Complain… Have you volunteered yet?”  Click the button below to become a volunteer….

Learn more about how Bryan is a great place to live and to do business.


Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce
138 South Lynn Street
Bryan, Ohio 43506

Bryan Chamber of Commerce